Today is the memorila day in stage  theatre named Abay. You can see the best perfomancies .


My recommendation

last week i visited zoo which is located in the Gorkov Park . last time I have visited ZOO when i was probably 13 years old. the coditions in which pets are living are not the best conditions, but still there is not bad zoo over there. What is interesting that no matter how old are you it very interesting to go the ZOO sometimes. So, I strongly recommend to ptople to go to the ZOO.

” Sputnik” opened

This weekends  I visited new  Entertainment Center , wich was opened probably three weeks ago. So the center is not very huge , but not small. It calls “Sputnik” and it situated at the intersections of Abay and Momushuly streets.

There are already opened a few reataurants , cimena and lot of boutiques. In general , the work of the center is well organaised , there are  a lot of entertainment for everybody. Except some issues lika parking and etc.

The main thing is that before “Sputnik” was opened in that region there was no places like this. Now people who live at  that region do not need to spend time to go to somewhere  to see movie or for shopping. And of course it is very profitable for the owners.

So, if somebody still dont know about it, just go there and enjoy!!!!!


Hi everyone!!! this is my final web blog. In this weblog i will write about entertainment in Almaty. i will provide some information about what is going on in the city. Especially, at night time.I will try to tell you about new enetartainment places. As for me I lkie to go out with my friends on weekends, sometimes even in working days.  I think most of you too, because it is interesting to go to new places, where you can meet new people. I think that Almaty has the most interesting and exciting night life in comparison with other cities of Kazakhstan. Recently, many places like night clubs, bars are opened in the city. There are allways crowd of people in such kind of places. So in my blog i will introduce you more deeply into the night-life of our city. May be you will find or know something knew.

Hello world!

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